Saturday, June 18, 2011

Flier Shopping

 It seems that every month our food bills overtake our budget so we have to keep looking for better ways to cut costs.
The past couple weeks I've seriously begun flier shopping. I print off my grocery list from organizing junkie, and on the back I write down every deal I may wish to purchase from every stores flier and I list it all by the store. 
Then you can make your menu plan based on the sale items and the items you already have on hand. 
The trick is to look in EVERY flier not just the grocery store you regularly shop at, sometimes there's better deals at the more expensive stores. So I will usually make a stop to my regular grocery store and one or two other stores just for the sale items. Make sure to buy enough to last until the next sale. My favorite stores for sales are Sobeys and Canadian Tire. 

This week a few of the notable sales I saw were...

Delissio Pizza 4.97
Purex bathroom tissue 9.97

cracker barrel cheese BOGO
1 lb strawberries 99 cents
silhouette yogurt BOGO
white mushrooms BOGO
gala apples 99 cents/lb
broccoli 1.29
banana bread BOGO
digestive cookies BOGO
cheese strings BOGO
sugar snap peas BOGO

Canadian Tire
inflatable queen bed with air pump 21.99
stainless steel grill basket 5.99
20-35% off method cleaners

 And this is the front although as you can see I haven't totally filled it in yet :) I didn't use a few of my dinners last week so I've just filled them in here and there throughout this week.

I love my grocery list :) Where do you get your grocery list from? How do you keep track of sale items?

Happy Shopping!

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