Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mom's Fun Mix!

So last week I was looking for something quick to make to take with us for a snack at the movies and this was what I came up with. I was thinking my hubby would really like the marshmallows and smarties but I was the one who ended up finishing the whole batch in one movie! Good thing I didn't check my blood sugar after :P

Mom's Fun Mix

Mix Equal Amounts:
Salted Peanuts


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Westman Baby and Family Fair 2011

There's me at my table! May 14th was the Westman Baby and Family Fair, and for the third consecutive year we had a great turnout and lots of fun!
This was my second ever craft sale and I think the table turned out a lot better than the first one even though some of my displays were stuck in my evacuated house! I was just grateful that my in-laws were able to store a lot of my stuff for the sale, it would have been pretty squishy trying to fit it all in our hotel room!

I thought it was so much fun to meet all the fabulous people who make such unique and creative things, especially when I've emailed so many of them and only know them by their store name. To meet them in person was really neat and I got the opportunity to go around and meet most of them to talk about the Handmade in Manitoba Directory too.

Check out some of their websites here and tell them Whimsies sent you!

Whimsies Baby – that's me!

Some of the great things to do and see:
Get your picture taken with a mascot by www.carleighbabiakphotography.com
Facepainting by Kim Bright
Free Haircuts and Princess manicures by www.straightupsalon.com/
Karlheinz the Bubbleman http://www.karlheinzthebubbleman.ca
Funtime Pottery Center www.wix.com/funart/funtime


If you missed out on the fun this year be sure to come check it out next year, I'll be there!

For more information please visit www.westmanbabyandfamilyfair.com

Leave some love!
Did you go to this event? What did you like about it, what was a favorite booth or purchase?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Down-Low On Wool Diapers

Why should you use wool? 
I love the “naturalness” of a wool soaker. No PUL stopping the fresh air from reaching your baby's precious little bottom. I love the idea of a little baby girl playing in the backyard in the country on a warm summers day, her little pink skirtie blowing in the fresh breeze and her white bonnet keeping her face angelically white, while Mom hangs up the sheets to dry on their clothesline. Perfect.

So not only are wool diaper covers super duper cute, but wool has so many awesome characteristics which make it an excellent choice for a diaper cover.

  1. Absorbent – so they wick all the moisture away from that soft little tush
  2. Water Repellent – all that moisture won't leak through!
  3. Antibacterial – how fantastic is that?
  4. Durable – your favortie wool soaker could become a family heirloom!
  5. Comfortable – natural elasticity mmm :)
Just knowing all the benefits of using a wool diaper cover, who wouldn't want to pamper their precious baby's bum in such an adorable way?

How to use it:
You can use wool diaper covers on top of prefold and fitted diapers instead of your PUL or fleece diaper cover.
You can use it over your pockets/AIOs or disposables at night time to prevent leaking.
Or you can just use them as cute homemade skirties or shorties.

The newest wool diaper cover in my line right now is the lacey skirtie which is version 1 of Amy O'Holleran's Little Fire Diaper Covers (check out her blog here :)). I love the look of this skirtie, it's so flowy and girlie and perfect! The best part is you don't have to wear anything on top! Just put a diaper (prefold, fitted etc) on your little one and then put your skirtie on and you're good to go. Or you can just wear it as a skirt over a disposable or pocket type diaper.

I am a licensed retailer of the Little Fire series, see my other wool diaper covers here

Why do you love your wool diaper cover? And what are your favorite colors? 

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Welcome everyone to my new blog! I want this blog to be for all you DIY moms out there who love to craft and love to laugh. I want to have a place to share my ideas and give back to those in the blogging world who continuously share their creativity with me.This will also be a great place to sneak a peek at new products before I list them on my Etsy!

I love to try natural alternatives to normal things. I want to get back to as natural and simple a lifestyle as I can including a simple household (no clutter); a natural, healthy diet; limited plastic; and homemade everything! I didn't say I could do it, just that I would try, and that I am. So here's to the adventure set before us and everything we've yet to learn. And thank goodness we've already learned some things along the way!