Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Down-Low On Wool Diapers

Why should you use wool? 
I love the “naturalness” of a wool soaker. No PUL stopping the fresh air from reaching your baby's precious little bottom. I love the idea of a little baby girl playing in the backyard in the country on a warm summers day, her little pink skirtie blowing in the fresh breeze and her white bonnet keeping her face angelically white, while Mom hangs up the sheets to dry on their clothesline. Perfect.

So not only are wool diaper covers super duper cute, but wool has so many awesome characteristics which make it an excellent choice for a diaper cover.

  1. Absorbent – so they wick all the moisture away from that soft little tush
  2. Water Repellent – all that moisture won't leak through!
  3. Antibacterial – how fantastic is that?
  4. Durable – your favortie wool soaker could become a family heirloom!
  5. Comfortable – natural elasticity mmm :)
Just knowing all the benefits of using a wool diaper cover, who wouldn't want to pamper their precious baby's bum in such an adorable way?

How to use it:
You can use wool diaper covers on top of prefold and fitted diapers instead of your PUL or fleece diaper cover.
You can use it over your pockets/AIOs or disposables at night time to prevent leaking.
Or you can just use them as cute homemade skirties or shorties.

The newest wool diaper cover in my line right now is the lacey skirtie which is version 1 of Amy O'Holleran's Little Fire Diaper Covers (check out her blog here :)). I love the look of this skirtie, it's so flowy and girlie and perfect! The best part is you don't have to wear anything on top! Just put a diaper (prefold, fitted etc) on your little one and then put your skirtie on and you're good to go. Or you can just wear it as a skirt over a disposable or pocket type diaper.

I am a licensed retailer of the Little Fire series, see my other wool diaper covers here

Why do you love your wool diaper cover? And what are your favorite colors? 

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