Monday, June 20, 2011

Better than Mr. Brown - Teddy Bear Names

Mr. Brown...Brownie...Tedddy? We all know that children can come up with the most "original" names for their teddy bears, but more often than not most of them go without names. All those poor nameless teddy bears sitting in the toy box. And after a few years go by do you even remember who gave them to your baby, or for what occasion? Maybe, but it's even more unlikely that your child will!

Here's a few ideas for keeping up with and keeping track of all those teddies!

-Name them after the people who gave them to your children by using their last name, nickname, or even their middle name. For example Mitchell, Shorty, or Katie

-Name them using a trait about the person who gave the teddy that also fits with the teddy. For example Cuddle Bear or Doodle Bear.

-Name them by the occasion. For example Birthday Bear.

-Name them using your first language, or the language of your favorite country. For example Uno, which would also work for a first birthday.

When your children are old enough to name their bears for themselves feel free to help them out, or look up teddy bear names together.

Still stuck? View a list of teddy bear names at Bear Dictionary to get your imagination flowing.

Now, don't leave all those teddies nameless! Get to work!

And while you're at it go through your old teddies and downsize. No one needs 50 teddy bears! Only keep the bears that a) you would like your grandchildren to have or b) your children love. The rest are just clutter.

How do you store your teddies? Do you have a special place for any of them?

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