Monday, July 4, 2011

Menu Plan Monday * Week of July 4th

Hello everyone and welcome to my second week of posting my menu plan! I've always done menu planning to some extent otherwise all we would eat is chicken fingers and perogies :( As much as hubby says he would enjoy that I know it's important it is for our bodies, and our budget! to keep healthy food on the table. If you don't know I also have a slight case of diabetes so my menu will be very low in sugar but I love to sweeten my food and drinks with Stevia, so you'll be sure to see her name around here again!

Soya Lime Chicken
Corn on the Cob

Pork Ribs on the grill

BBQ Downtown

Homemade Pizza Pops- freeze extra for lunches

Lemon Dill Fish

Carribean Pork and Rice

Late lunch - hamburgers

 Hmm...that's alot of food! We may have to cut one day out and just have leftovers :P

Baby Food to Make
Apple and Spinach

Other Things to Make
10 grain bread
"kashi" granola bars
Banana Avocado Puree - freeze
Apple Oatmeal Puree - freeze
Stone Cut Oatmeal - freeze

Farmers Market
Million Dollar Relish - $6.50
Sugar Free Blueberry Jam - $3.50
Sugar Free Bran Muffins

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  1. I actually planned a leftover day this week for exactly the same reason. If we don't have leftovers I'll just make some quick sandwiches.

    You can check out what we're eating HERE if you'd like. :)